About SLED Technologies

A California-based consultancy specializing in serving Public and Private sector organizations through a broad range of technology and IT services.

Our Promise

Deliver thoughtfully curated, best-of-breed Network Security, Data-management, and Performance solutions through hands-on support and personalized service.

Our Background

Our team and partners are your trusted advisors to recommend technology solutions, tools, and initiatives to support your organizational outcomes.

We began our journey in 2012 serving the California State Departments, but have since broadened our vision to better serve companies who are looking for the right fit in technology solutions. Since our founding we have assisted more than 35 state and local government agencies solve and fulfill their complex IT needs.

We are a certified small business CA SB #1749545 with expertise in the State of California Technology procurement. We have experience working with Enterprise Technology Contracts SLP, NASPO, CMAS, and small business procurement.

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