Storage Management & Disaster Recovery

Good data management is the foundation of accurate data analysis. Without proper data management, analysis is practically impossible at worst and unreliable at best.

Data management is multidisciplinary and keeps data organized in a practical, usable manner. At its most fundamental level, data management works to ensure that an organization's entire body of data is accurate and consistent, readily accessible, and properly secured. This is why storage management and disaster recovery of your data is important.

Businesses need to plan and put data backup systems into place when the worst happens, well before it happens. We help you reduce TCO, simplify operations, and mitigate risk with our vendor partner’s modern backup and recovery solution.


Legacy backup and recovery environments are littered with multiple point products that are expensive and complex to operate. It leads to the challenge of mass data fragmentation. These solutions were designed before the cloud-era and lack a strong defense against modern and sophisticated cyber threats.

We provide successful data backup systems by working alongside our trusted partner like Cohesity that eliminates mass data fragmentation, a platform that converges a comprehensive range of data management services, including backup and recovery, file and object services, disaster recovery, dev/test provisioning, and analytics—available onpremises or from the cloud.

"Cohesity radically simplifies data management. Easily protect, manage, and derive value from data -- across the data center, edge, and cloud. Utilize a suite of services, consolidated on one multi-cloud data platform, and eliminate mass data fragmentation.”

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